Work Process

Some important points you should know before start a project!

  •  If you need a very high (or very low) resolution of the final image, do not forget to mention it.

            This may affect on time delivering.

  •  If you know that the project will have changes by the architect or designer, and your task materials are not finished,

            be sure to mention it before start the job.

  •  The task of 3D visualizer – is the creation in virtual space existing design from your architects.

            However, visualizer, usually periodically performs various kinds of improvements or carries out the selection of colors and materials on their own.

            In any case, all these things should be negotiate before starting work.


1. The client provides us with all the available project information.

2. Only having the full package of the project information we provide the client with quotation and  timing scale.

We review your clear task with descriptions, or we may create a task basing your information and materials for project.

It may be — Drawings, sketches, photos, floor plans,sections, sketches by hand etc.

We will review the terms of your project, and will send to you an offer with  price;

After  deposit equal to 50% we will begin a phased implementation of the project.


Workflow Step-by-Step

Step 1.

Creating 3d geometry of your project – Reviewing – Approval.

Having prepared all the basic geometry, we do a test render of a gray color, usually without decoration,

at this stage  clearly visible errors in the layout ,

where we can experiment with the options of furniture ( if this is interior ) / details of building ( if this is exterior ) up to three times,

following the successful completion of this step of the geometry creating we move on to the next stage.


Step 2.

Pre-final render – Changes – Approval.

At this stage, we are working on adding textures, materials, lights, creating fast renders with medium settings, if necessary, make up to 3 revisions, following the successful completion of first stage goes rest payment from your side.


Step 3.

Final render



“An image says better than a thousand words”.

So we do the best for you, to turn your dream into 3d reality