Sun Studies

Your design project is ready to come into life, it seems that every detail is counted, but what about light and shadows? This question can be answered with our sun studies rendering which allows you to see natural light and shadow for the interior and mainly exterior of your projects. Our team makes not only 3D images of your object but also reconstructs the environment with real Sun. Now you can realize where the natural light will be during the day, or night render when the light option is switched off. Yes, it is possible with modern technologies. Moreover, we can change the color of the Sun and the sky due to the clouds and the quantity of dust in the air.

Every single detail is taking into consideration. Why is it important? Solar studies rendering gives you a chance to see the way your project will look like not only in photorealistic images but in the environment as if it already exists under the sun and with surroundings of a specific terrain. Maybe some important part of your dream house or construction will be in the shadow or something that needs more shadow will appear on the fully lit side. Thanks to the rendering you will be able to fix all that to achieve perfect results.